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Skrill is a digital multicurrency wallet provider for handling online payments, making transfers and storing money. It is available to any internet user over the age of 18 with a registered email address.

Supporting over 40 currencies, the service is used to make payments and withdrawals across trading, e-commerce and online gaming platforms.[24] Skrill customers can also use their account to transfer funds from their personal bank account to a bank account overseas, send money using only an email address or phone number, and buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Customers in certain locations can obtain a Skrill Card linked to their account. The card lets customers use their account balance to pay in stores or online where Skrill is not listed as a payment option. The Skrill Card can also be used to withdraw cash at ATMs.

Customers who meet certain spending thresholds are offered Skrill VIP membership[25] which includes lower fees, higher transaction limits and dedicated support, among others. Skrill offers a loyalty programme called Knect[26], enabling customers to earn loyalty points that can be exchanged for cash vouchers.

Module Features

  • Standard Skrill Payments
  • Payment Commission Determining


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Extended Integration Subscription


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