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The KeyHelp server hosting panel is developed by the Thuringian hosting provider Keyweb and made available to the public free of charge. 
With the advanced WISECP module, you can automatically provide hosting sales and management and give your customers a high-level experience above the standards.

As a data center operator and hosting provider, with almost 25 years of experience, we know exactly that excellent hardware with high-quality workmanship also requires reliable operating systems and the best possible server administration. Only with coordinated software and professional configuration of all system functions can the full potential of servers be exploited.

Already with the delivery of our first servers, customers asked for a reliable and not unnecessarily bloated administration software, which is a comprehensible as well as free alternative to Plesk, Confixx or cPanel. This was the birth of KeyHelp.

After the optimized relaunch in 2014, the server control panel could initially only be used exclusively by Keyweb customers. Today, KeyHelp runs on thousands of servers and is available to everyone. As a true alternative to commercially available server control panel software, we would like to further develop it together with you as a community. And we want to do it the way our customers have always wanted it: free of charge, reliable, understandable, for an unlimited number of domains and easy to use even without instructions or training.


Module Features

Automatic Account Creation

When your customers create an order through your site, an account is created automatically on the server, and the customer is notified about the order details.

Automatic Suspend/Unsuspend

Easily suspend/unsuspend the services through WISECP, and also services are automatically suspended as it reaches service end date.

Rebuild Hosting Account

With just a single click, completely reset an account. No more manual account recreation!

Automatic Termination

Optionally or immediately any account after it has reached the service end date.

Package Synchronization

Packages are in sync with control panel, so any packages created in control panel will appear on WISECP and easily use them without creating.

One-click Auto-login

Your clients can automatically login to control panel without putting any details.

Automatic Upgrade/Downgrade

If the Hosting package is insufficient, the customer can automatically upgrade to a higher package with the requirement to pay a difference fee. At the same time, administrators can also upgrade/downgrade through WISECP Admin Area.

Import Hosting Accounts

When you add a server to your WISECP, you can easily import all the hosting accounts in the server with just single click. No more manual migrations!

Easy Email Management

Without logging into the server panel interface, your customers can easily create/delete emails, define redirects, and limit email to emails via the customer panel.



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