Media Control Panel

Media Control Panel


The Media Control Panel is an all in one solution for your stream hosting services supporting Shoutcast 198, Shoutcast 2, Icecast 2, Icecast 2 KH, Wowza Streaming Engine & Flussonic Media Server.

Powerful Audio Streaming Control Panel

The MediaCP is a SHOUTcast & Icecast Control Panel for Hosting Providers and FM Radio Stations which provides an interface to manage all your streaming media services in one location.

Shoutcast v1 & v2

Our SHOUTcast control panel supports all major versions including 1.9.8, 2.5 and the latest 2.6. Shoutcast is an age-old industry standard audio streaming server, it powers a large portion of online audio streaming.

Icecast 2 & KH

The Icecast Control Panel implements both Icecast and Icecast KH. Icecast is an open-source streaming media server that provides similar functionality to Shoutcast servers. Icecast KH is a more frequently maintained branch and offers greater features.

Liquidsoap AutoDJ

Our primary AutoDJ solution is powered by Liquidsoap, a very actively maintained streaming language that provides great autodj & transcoding features. We also support sc_trans and ices!

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